• corporate law; commercial law, business law

    Corporate Law

    Corporate Law, Company Secretary, Governance and Compliance, Mergers & Acquisitions, and/or listings on a suitable Stock Market

  • Commercial Law

    Assisting your Business, for instance, Sale and Purchase,  employment, shareholders agreements, Constitutions, Options, Asset Protection and day to day business matters

  • Notary Public

    Do you need Witnessing, Certifications, Affidavits, Legalisations, Oaths or Documentation for OVERSEAS use, Notary in attendance: SHANEEL MUDALIAR

  • Financial Services Law

    Regulatory compliance, for instance, Financial Services Licensing (AFSL), Product Disclosure Statements (PDS), Funds Management, Derivatives products.

  • corporate law


    Are you buying and selling land, commercial property, property development projects, Real Estate Investment Trusts, or Property Funds

  • Technology Law

    Information Technology, Telecommunications, Energy, Resources, Renewable energy, Agribusiness, and food-related guidance

  • Intellectual Property

    Do you need assistance with protection and commercialisation of your intellectual property


Trusted choice for Business Lawyers & Notary Public delivering efficient and cost-effective legal services to Business in North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

For over a decade we have provided professional services to our clients.

Practical Solutions for every business need.


  • Start a Business – Business Structures, Company Incorporation, Constitution, Founders or Shareholders Agreement, Options, Company Secretarial Services

  • Purchase a Business – Purchase Contracts, Buying & Selling Commercial Property, Retail Leases & Commercial Leases, Property Development Projects, Investment Trusts or Property Funds

  • Manage or Operate a Business – Additional Share Class, Loan or Credit Contracts, Intellectual Property, Asset Protection, Technology Contracts, Employment, E-commerce, Online Marketplace

  • Sell or Close a Business – Sale & Purchase of Business to other shareholders, local or overseas buyers, business succession planning, Share Sale and related entities structures


  • Need a Finance Licence – Financial Services Licensing (AFSL), Credit Licensing, Mortgages, Loan & Security under Personal Properties Securities Register

  • Regulatory Compliance – Regulatory compliance, for instance, AFCA claims (Australian Financial Complaints Authority), ASIC breach notifications, ASIC filings, Corporate Governance, company client agreements and trading/operational policies and Company Secretary services

  • Financial Products – Product Disclosure Statements (PDS), Financial Services Guide and Financial Products Documentations.

  • Funds Management, Derivatives & Digital Assets – Gold, Silver, Oil & Gas, Foreign Exchange Contracts, Options, CFDs & Crypto products


Do you need Witnessing, Certifications, Affidavits, Legalisations, Oaths or any other

Documents for OVERSEAS use

Notary in Attendance: SHANEEL MUDALIAR

Experienced & Reliable.

  • Parental Consent for Minor travelling overseas

  • Preparation of Notarial Certificate annexing and Authenticating University Educational Certificate

  • Confirming execution of Power of Attorney, Trademark registration, foreign company or branch registration and other legally binding documents for overseas use

  • Confirming ASIC generated search, company registration and company of Good Standing

Same Day Service, Contact Today.

  • Certifications, Verifications & Authentications

  • Affidavits, Affirmations, Declarations, Deeds or other unsworn Documents

  • Witnessing and attesting execution or signing of a deed or other document

  • Verification of Identification of persons


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