Corporate Law

Corporate Law, Company Secretary, Governance and Compliance, Mergers & Acquisitions, and/or assistance with listed entities.

Key Documents and Tasks: Company Constitution, Shareholders Agreements, Employee Share Options, Executive Agreements, Board Resolutions and Company Secretarial Services, Share Sale and/or Company Acquisitions

Commercial Law

Assisting your Business, for instance, Sale and Purchase,  employment, shareholders agreements, Constitutions, Options, Asset Protection and day to day business matters

Key Documents and Tasks: Business Sale and Purchase Contracts, Business Structures, Employee Contracts, Online Marketplace terms and conditions, Privacy, Regulatory Compliance, Retail Leases and Commercial Leases, Unit Holders Agreement

Financial Services Law

Regulatory compliance, for instance, Financial Services Licensing (AFSL), Product Disclosure Statements (PDS), Funds Management, Derivatives products.

Key Documents and Tasks: AFSL Compliance, Loan Agreements, Funds Management, Fintech Agreements, Digital Assets agreements, platform documents, licensing compliance

Notary Public

Do you need Witnessing, Certifications, Affidavits, Legalisations, Oaths or Documentation for OVERSEAS use, Notary in attendance: SHANEEL MUDALIAR

Key Documents and Tasks: Certifications, Authentication and Verifications, Identity documents, Parental Consents, Power of Attorneys for overseas, Affidavits for overseas, Witnessing, Overseas Company Documents, Overseas Property Documents, Overseas Trademark and Patent Assignments, Assistance with Apostille

Property Law

Are you buying and selling land, commercial property, property development projects, Real Estate Investment Trusts, or Property Funds

Key Documents and Tasks: Conveyancing Residential Property, Buy and Sell Commercial Property, Retail and Commercial Leases, Option Agreements, Property Trusts, Property Developments

Technology Law

Information Technology, Telecommunications, Energy, Resources, Renewable energy, Agribusiness, and food-related guidance

Key Documents and Tasks: Software Development Agreements, Professional Services Agreement, Procurement and Supply Agreements, Clinical Trial Agreement, Distribution Agreements, Research and Development Agreements, Sale of Technology Agreement, Project Development Agreements

Intellectual Property Law

Do you need assistance with protection and commercialisation of your intellectual property

Key Documents and Tasks: Intellectual Property Acquisition Agreement, IP Licensing Agreement, IP Commercialisations, IP Assignment, Joint Venture Development, Collaboration, Research and Development Agreement

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