Business Sale and Purchase

Business Sale and Purchase Review, advise, negotiate and execute Navigate risks Whether you are buying a business or plan to sell an existing business, we help our clients from initial examination and guidance of contracts to settlement. Inclusion and Exclusions Understanding [...]

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Business Legal Advice

Business Legal Advice Mitigating risks The requirement for sound business advice can come at any stage of a business. Whether it is business expansion, diversification, acquisition or exit planning, each has its own set of legal considerations. Equipping yourself to understand the laws surrounding your business leads to favourable results. [...]

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Solicitor’s Certificate

Solicitor's Certificate Witnessing loan or guarantee documents We regularly receive enquiries about witnessing loan documents or guarantor documents.  Often the person making the enquiry is not exactly sure what this involves and has simply been informed by their bank or broker that they need a ‘solicitor’s certificate’ but [...]

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Retail and Commercial Leases

Retail and Commercial Leases Examine Lease Lease period and options Negotiating your lease period determines how long you will be able to stay in your premises. Once a lease has expired without an option to extend, the landlord has no obligation to renew it [...]

Retail and Commercial Leases2024-05-06T16:29:04+10:00

Key Service Agreement Issues

Key Service Agreement Issues: Service Providers Checklist This article addresses the key service agreement provisions from the service provider’s perspective and identifies the risks and consequences of such provisions, and is essential to take note and include in your service agreements to avoid problem situations. 1.     Master Agreements The best [...]

Key Service Agreement Issues2024-05-06T16:29:31+10:00

Enforceable Online Agreements

Recommendations for creating Enforceable Online Agreements Below is a list of recommendations for creating enforceable online agreements for vendors to consider when dealing with their online customers. This list is not exhaustive it has been created as guidance only for online providers to ensure that they are able to enforce [...]

Enforceable Online Agreements2024-05-06T16:30:49+10:00

Simple Estate Planning Checklist

Simple Estate Planning Checklist A checklist to help you take care of your family by making a will, power of attorney, enduring guardianship, funeral arrangements, and more. You may have heard that you need to make an "estate plan," but what does an estate plan cover and how do to [...]

Simple Estate Planning Checklist2024-05-06T16:31:32+10:00

Business Structures

Business structures A person may carry on business in Australia as a sole trader, a partnership, a joint venture, a trust or a company. Sole trader An individual may carry on a business on his or her own behalf as a sole trader. A sole trader is personally liable for [...]

Business Structures2024-05-06T16:32:29+10:00

Tips for Starting a Charity

With the estimated 57,984 registered charities in Australia and the number of new organisations growing rapidly, here are the top tips for people to consider before deciding to start a charity or not for profit organisation.    Before you start a charity, ask yourself these questions:   1. Research on [...]

Tips for Starting a Charity2024-05-06T16:33:41+10:00

Essential Legals for Start-ups

Essential Legals for Start-ups Starting up a business requires a lot of planning, good business acumen and adequate legal protection of your investment. Proper legal and financial advice must always be obtained from your professional advisor. This list serves only as a guide only and should not be taken as [...]

Essential Legals for Start-ups2024-05-06T16:41:28+10:00


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